Getting a bus can be impossible.   But it doesn't have to be.

Talk to an expert on how easy it can really be.

Really great bus service is just one click away!

Make Everything better

Tired of getting last-minute cancellations?

Sick of the long booking process through smoke signals?

Just need a simple, honest bus service that cares about you and your students?

Boy, do we have the answer. We're a small local company focused only on great customer service.

Get a free quote and see how we can make a difference for your school bus service. It's super fast, promise.

"I launched this company in 2011 to help solve transit problems in the City of Detroit. I'm a native Detroit resident and always will be.

We will always be the little company with the big heart. It's who we are."

-Andy Didorosi, President and Founder of The Detroit Bus Company

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